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Viviennewestwood Black Black Pilot Sunglasses


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Viviennewestwood Black Black Pilot Sunglasses


Made with bio-based acetate, our Pilot sunglasses are designed with tapered, asymmetric lines and feature grey lenses. With UV protection and an orb motif engraved at each temple, they are finished with gold-tone etching at the tips of both arms and rounded edges.
These sunglasses are presented in a Vivienne Westwood case made with recycled by-product leather, an organic cotton bag, recycled polyester cloth and a recycled and FSC certified paper box – all produced with 100% green energy.

To clean them, please use soapy water and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Avoid drying the lenses with soiled or abrasive cloths as this may damage the lenses. Bio-based acetate is made from natural and renewable sources instead of oil-based materials compared to conventionally produced acetate.


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